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Why do my ice cubes sometimes freeze in a way that makes ...

Answer: When water quickly freezes in your refrigerator, it expands, and since it does not freeze all at once there are stresses and cracks introduced. The quick freezing of cubes also causes some of the air in solution in the water to come out of the water and form tiny air bubbles…more stresses...

How to Protect and Unprotect Workbook Structure and ...

How to Protect/Unprotect Workbook Structure and Windows. Microsoft Excel offers the option "Protect Sheet" to protect each sheet with a password, but unfortunately it doesn't prevent users from deleting the sheet.So another option "Protect Workbook" is usually used when we want to protect excel sheet, which will not allow others to insert, delete, rename, move, copy, hide or unhide worksheets.

Top 10 Types of IoT Sensors Used in Applications — Digiteum

There are many different types of sensors used in IoT applications, including acoustic, vibration, load, motion, water and air quality, even infrared radiation. We are going to talk about arguably the top IoT sensors used in connected devices and infrastructures today. Let's discuss your project.

Cisco Routers Password Types

Cisco Routers Password Types:-----Type 0 this mean the password will not be encrypted when router store it in Run/Start Files command: enable password cisco123. Type 4 this mean the password will be encrypted when router store it in Run/Start Files using SHA-256 which apps like Cain can crack but will take long time command :

Homework solutions for test 2 - NCSU

22.8 Name and sketch the five joint types. Answer. Five joint types are (1) butt, (2) corner, (3) lap, (4) tee, (5) edge. For sketches see Figure 22.2 in the text. 22.9 Define and sketch a fillet weld. Answer. A fillet weld is a weld joint of approximately triangular cross section used to fill …

About drinking water advisories

Based on the type of water system, a drinking water advisory could affect one building or the whole community. Some advisories are short-term, typically under 1 year. They warn residents of a short-term water quality issue on a certain water system. Long-term drinking water advisories are those that have been in place for more than 1 year.

GitHub - ShprAlex/SproutLife: Evolving version of Conway's ...

SproutLife. SproutLife simulates the evolution of complex life. It extends Conway's Game of Life, which is famous for having lifelike behavior arise from simple rules. SproutLife takes this emergence a step further defining organisms that mutate and reproduce. Run SproutLife on your desktop to see evolution in action.

Cubase 10 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

Steinberg Media Technologies . Creativity First. Frankenstraße 18 b 20097 Hamburg. Tel: +49 (0)40 210 35-0 Fax: +49 (0)40 210 35-300

4 Types of Cracks in Concrete Columns and their Causes ...

🕑 Reading time: 1 minuteFour types of cracks developed in reinforced concrete column are diagonal cracks, horizontal cracks, splitting cracks, corrosion cracks. The causes of cracks in columns can be incorrect design, faulty construction or overloading, corrosion of reinforcement, isolated settlement of foundations, creep and shrinkage. Cracking in reinforced concrete column is a serious ...

Cube Functions in Microsoft Excel 2010 | Microsoft Press Store

Cube functions were introduced in Microsoft Excel 2007. They are used with connections to external SQL data sources and provide analysis tools. Data cubes are multidimensional sets of data that can be stored in a spreadsheet, providing a means to summarize information from the raw data source. A cube is different from queries in Microsoft ...

Password recovery - Cisco Community

Type enable secret to change the enable secret password, for example. Issue the no shutdown command on every interface that is used. If you issue a show ip interface brief command, every interface that you want to use should be "up up". Type config-register 0x2102, or the value you recorded in step 2.

SSAS Tutorial: What is, Architecture, SSAS Cube & Types

Type of Models in SSAS. Now, we will learn types of models in SSAS in this SSAS cube tutorial: Multi-Dimensional Data Model. The Multi-Dimensional Data Model, which consists of a data cube. It is a group of operations which allows you to query the value of cells by using cube and dimension members as coordinates.

6 Types of Concrete Cracks and What They Mean | Concrete ...

This type of cracking happens frequently and is referred to as "plastic shrinkage cracking". While plastic shrinkage cracks can happen anywhere in a slab or wall, they almost always happen at reentrant corners (corners that point into the slab) or with circular objects in the middle of a slab (pipes, plumbing fixtures, drains, and manholes).

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2 Accuracy, Sourcing & Attribution The Conversation is committed to reporting accurately, fairly and with integrity. This includes correcting mistakes quickly and

Sky Light | Unreal Engine Documentation

Improved Static Sky Light Directionality. Prior to Unreal Engine 4.18, Static Sky Lights used to be represented by Lightmass with a 3rd Order Spherical Harmonic which didn't capture the detail that could be present in a sunrise or sunset. A filtered cubemap is …

How to Setup an RTMP Encoder for Live Video Streaming | Dacast

RTSP is a live streaming protocol that utilizes a server-to-client connection to stream video files to a video platform. RTSP, also known as Real-Time Streaming Protocol, is a lesser-known protocol for streaming video online. Known as a network-control protocol, this protocol was designed to control the streaming servers used in entertainment and communications systems.

Top 90+ SSAS Interview Questions And Answers Trending - 2021

The basic unit of storage and analysis in Analysis Services is the cube. A cube is a collection of data that's been aggregated to allow queries to return data quickly. For example, a cube of order data might be aggregated by time period and by title, making the cube fast when you ask questions concerning orders by week or orders by title.

10 Different Types of Casting Process | MachineMfg

Strong adaptability, unlimited alloy types and almost unlimited casting size. Wide source of materials, waste can be remelted, and equipment investment is low. High scrap rate, low surface quality and poor labor conditions. 10 types of casting process (1)Sand casting. What is sand casting. A casting method for producing castings in a sand mold.

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Explore new gaming adventures, accessories, & merchandise on the Minecraft Official Site. Buy & download the game here, or check the site for the latest news.

Creating Dimensions with Dimension Management

For aggregation storage (ASO) cubes, select the type of hierarchy: Stored: The default. The stored hierarchy type is the simplest hierarchy and provides the fastest aggregation. The entire dimension is treated as a single hierarchy. This hierarchy type doesn't allow shared members, member formulas, nor alternate consolidation operators (other ...

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wpDiscuz 7 #1 WordPress Comment Plugin wpDiscuz 7 is a revolutionary perspective on the commenting world! This plugin changes your website discussion experience and provides you with new user engagement features.

A Simple Guide to Concrete Cube Testing

The cubes should be covered with a damp cloth and a plastic sheet and stored in dry environment at a temperature range of 20 ± 5 degrees. The concrete cubes are removed from the moulds between 16 to 72 hours, usually this done after 24 hours. Make sure the cube ID is transferred to the cube from the mould before placing into a curing tank.

Microsoft Traditional Chinese IME

Type Taiwan Pinyin followed by a tone. (e.g. Type "jhu4yin1" to get "") Note: Number 1 to 5 key represent the four tones and the neutral tone. Type Taiwan Pinyin without tones, and then press Enter or Space to convert. (e.g. Type "jhuyin" and press Enter / Space to get "")

Board game types explained: a beginner's guide to tabletop ...

A type of board game where the players use different decks of cards to play, constructed prior to the game from a large pool of options, according to specific rules. There are two main distribution models: trading or collectible card games sell booster pack products with a randomised set of cards in each, while living card games and expandable ...

The 8 Best Ice Cube Trays in 2021 - Liquor.com

The set of two tiny ice cube trays make 160 small (1 cm or ⅜'') cubes each. The small size of the ice cubes mimic the effect of crushed ice, making them a welcome addition in cobblers and swizzles. The smaller cubes also freeze far quicker than your standard ice cube mold, so if you're in a pinch and need ice stat, this tray will help.

Overview of OLAP cubes for advanced analytics | Microsoft Docs

The only two types of processing that are performed on System Center 2016 - Service Manager OLAP cubes are ProcessFull and ProcessAdd. Similar to dimensions, creating new partitions in an OLAP cube requires a ProcessFull task for the partition to be in a state where it can be queried.

The Fungible Collection by Pak - Sothebys.com

The Fungible collection by digital artist Pak is a pinnacle of creative technological experimentation through the lens of fine digital art. By leveraging blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), The Fungible not only provides collectors with novel assurances of scarcity and ownership, but exposes them to the unique features with which technology can endow artwork.

What is type IV cracking, and how is it detected? - TWI

The cracking initiates from localised formation and growth of creep voids in the 'Type IV zone'. A significant feature of the subsequent cracking is that it can be relatively rapid. The crack can be regarded as an 'unzipping' of an already creep-damaged zone. For pipe girth welds, the phenomenon usually leads to a leak-before-break situation.

Cracking Meaning | Types of Cracking - Thermal Cracking ...

Types of Cracking. The different types of cracking are thermal cracking and catalytic cracking. Here is a brief elaboration on the two –. 1. Thermal Cracking. The thermal method of cracking uses pressure and heat to break down large hydrocarbon molecules into lighter molecules. This process can be further categorised into –.